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FinTech-BankingCheckThe FinTech StartUp Company BankingCheck was founded in 2011 by Daniel Boedger as a review plattform, which is specialized in the financial and insurance industry. Currently customers can evaluate more than 370 banks, insurance companies and financial service providers (including FinTech startups) and also more than 650 products. Besides authentic customer reviews, opinions and comments of customers can be submitted aditionally. In turn this supports other consumers choosing the optimal bank, financial service provider, insurance company and also financial service. In particular, long-term decisions such as mortgages or loans are supported by customer reviews in the decision-making process. All reviews are summarized in the standardized rating scale and generate a customer quality seal, which other consumers can use as a guide.

BankingCheck App Push NotificationsThe users of the platform receive all important market data of the banks and financial products, which are automatically monitored and updated by BankingCheck. For example, customers can request changes to the line of credit of the check account via email or push notifications (BankingCheck App) every day.

The automatic evaluation process can be integrated into the banks or providers CRM tool, whereby customers can be queried for reviews regularly. This can be done for example after opening an account. Using the self-service account for companies, financial institutions can respond directly to the customer reviews and thus enter into an active dialogue with their customers. This will allow banks, financial service providers or insurance companies to analyze authentic customer opinions and improve their products, services and support and as well to improve the customer loyalty.

Furthermore customer reviews of BankingCheck will be sent to search engines like Google or Bing! and will appear as RatingStars in the search results.

BankingCheck DKB RatingStars

At the same time the ratings and quality seals are also exported to other partners and are displayed in the financial comparison tables and calculators of the following example websites, oder

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